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Custom Parts

Need Help Prototyping or With a Proof-of-Concept?

Prototyping is the initial embodiment of a concept during the introductory product development stages. Both businesses and engineers build their foundations around the performance of prototypes. A business will use prototypes to obtain and analyze comprehensive feedback from customers on issues like look, feel, effectivity, and quality, as well as for cost analysis and marketing research. Whilst engineers will use prototypes to understand system integration issues, establish analysis and testing strategies, and to gather assembly and manufacturing data. Whichever you may use it for, prototypes are undisputedly important and effective.

At DMAE, we understand this importance better than anyone, seeing how our clients were able to excel with a professionally machined and finished prototype. And we also understand that this stage can be expensive, as not every entrepreneur has investors or wealthy firms supporting their ventures. With that in mind, DMAE has optimized the prototyping process better than anyone in the industry, working closely with our network of machinists and shipping carriers to reduce the costs on your behalf as much as possible, making machining an affordable option for anyone. With a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1 on any part, you can run the prototyping phase one step at a time, and with our two-stage quality check procedure, the result will always represent your concept exactly as you imagined it.


Realizing your prototype may also be the first time you are faced with allocating your idea with another party. DMAE understands the uncertainties individuals face when disclosing their concepts, and we have taken every measure to safeguard every piece of information submitted through our platform. Every order placed is considered your intellectual property, and will always be treated as such. At DMAE, you can rest assured that every idea, design, and custom part will remain yours.

We look forward to hearing about your next idea or project and helping you with any of your prototyping needs. From CNC machining, anodizing, bead blasting, powder coating, and laser engraving, look no further than DMAE to help get the job done. Contact us today for more information about our leading machining services and to receive a free quote.

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