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Product Development

Looking For Product Development Through Manufacturing Options?

Every company involved in manufacturing typically partners with at least one or two suppliers for parts or even with product development aspects. At DMAE, we have been working with companies for years, propelling them from prototype to production.

Product development and prototyping go hand-in-hand, supporting each other through the experimental phase. However, prototypes are usually a tangible representation of an idea, while product development is part of the idea itself. It should also be treated as a tactical strategy, one that takes into account multiple long-term projections, such as the product's life-cycle and relativity.

Every part that we've produced serves it own unique purpose, and each project requires it own process. DMAE curates a manufacturing strategy optimized specifically for the needs of your part and applies it accordingly. We want to help streamline the development process as much as possible, and help you focus on making sure your part or product serves it purpose to the fullest.


Contact us today to get the bulbs burning, gears spinning, and to make something great happen.

"Delivering quality at any quantity."

 - DMAE, Your key component.


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