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DMAE is a key supplier to hundreds of clients and companies all around the world, taking their designs and bringing them into reality with our affordable, streamline manufacturing process. 


It shouldn't bankrupt your business or your allocated budget to realize a new project or to get quality machined parts, and at DMAE, it doesn't have to. After all, research and development is only half the battle when there is marketing involved. Large or small, simple or complex, DMAE delivers the precision machined parts businesses rely on, right to your doorstep.


At DMAE, customers are assured quality service in every step of the way. Our manufacturing solutions are designed around your needs, products, or prototypes. We also strive to be the most startup-friendly manufacturer in the fabrication industry, welcoming projects of all size. At DMAE, customers get their projects assessed by expert machinists, feedback from our design team, and the results their projects demand.


Complete Milling, Turning, & Finishing Capabilities

Every machine shop is different, and few offer end-to-end manufacturing services. But at DMAE, every step of the manufacturing process, from conceptualization to anodization, has its own dedicated field of specialists. This is our secret to ensuring that quality is always delivered across our vast network of metal fabricators: Making sure that everyone does only what they're best at.

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In the world of machining, finding the ideal supplier is about as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. 

Be it the high prices, lack of quality control, poor methods of communication, and doubts in legitimacy, there's always something to worry about. And unfortunately, this is what all are bound to face entering the industry. Having witnessed this difficult process countless times, our team curated DMAE to be the best of the best, and now offer you nothing less. We bring you all our acquired experience and expertise to make your projects as seamless and budget friendly as possible.

"DMAE has built a name and reputation on delivering exceptional work, at affordable costs, while providing customers with the expertise they need throughout the entire process. The idea of employing skilled workers to fabricate your custom part on a machine the size of van, that costs as much as a house might sound intimidating, but it really isn't. We have this process down to a science."

Choosing The Right Fabricator
  • One-on-one technical support with every order

  • Intuitive feedback on your design and its feasibility

  • Dozens of metals, plastics, and composites to choose from

  • Free quotes and project assessments

  • Most competitive prices in the industry

  • Scalable production rates that grow with your business

  • 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machining capabilities

  • End-to-end manufacturing, so you can machine, finish, and mark your part, all in a single order and have it arrive market- ready


Industries Served


Parts Delivered Monthly


Completed Orders


Satisfied Clients


Whether you have an advanced understanding in CNC machining, or still fresh in the field, DMAE will apply its streamline process to any project. We operate on a sit back and relax basis, where you place your order and don't think about it until it hits your door. 


"Had a big order come in last week and everything was up to spec. Definitely the most competitively priced end-to-end manufacturer."


- Neal Unschuld (Euroteck Racing)

"I just received my aluminum alternator mount and I am very pleased with the quality and finish. I was somewhat skeptical to order through DMAE because of how much less they quoted me for the part, as opposed to machine shops I ordered from before. It was nearly half the price. Glad I did though. Saved me a lot of money and the process was extremely straightforward."

- Adam F.

"I needed two small parts machined from aluminum and this service does not exist locally. Searching online, I became frustrated with companies what wouldn't reply or wanted an absurd amount of money for the job. I kept searching until I found DMAE. I sent them the cad file, they quoted me a price, I paid the bill and in about 3 weeks I had my parts. The accuracy of the parts is spot-on and the price was more than fair. I could not have asked for a better experience."

- Mike Perr

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Start Your Manufacturing Process With Us In Just 4 Simple Steps.

24/7 Support for all Orders, Delivery Updates, and any Other Inquiries.


Upload Your Files

Send your CAD files or technical drawings to us through the "contact" page. If you need help making/understanding a technical drawing or CAD model, we will always be happy to help, free of charge.


DFM & Quote Analysis

Within 24 hours, we will provide you with our best quote and intuitive feedback on your design requirements. Our engineers will always reach out to you if an issue is found, and will suggest improvements and solutions.


Begin Production

Once your order is confirmed, we will begin the machining process immediately. Progress reports will be provided periodically, and additional information can be supplied upon request.


Receive Your Parts

We operate on a sit back and relax basis, where you place your order and don't think about it until it hits your door. All orders are subject to a quality control check, twice, ensuring that what you receive is always done right.


Our Stretegy For Success

DMAE has been helping businesses and people from every field and industry with all of their metal fabrication needs. In addition to the materials, finishes, and tools DMAE offers, customers also get years of experience from some of the most talented machinists in the field. And although manufacturing is our specialty, customer service and relationship-building is our top priority. We treat every client equally and offer the same level of support regardless of business or order size. Feel free to reach out anytime with anything!

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